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Our process

Pre-Sale Consultation

Pre-sale consultation

We always start with a free consultation.

That's the best time to ask questions about technology, e-commerce and other intricacies of selling online.

Some clients opt to share their own RFP (Request for Prosal), which usually helps to speed up the process.

Having outlined the scope of the project, we will be able to present you with a detailed proposal

Upon signing it we will be able to start the process.

Discovery Process


To specify requirements for your online store, use our Customer Content Delivery Kit - a set of forms designed to collect all relevant information, including primary pages content, product pages product descriptions, etc.

We are big believers in carefully crafted imagery, as a foundation for effective digital story-telling. We can advise you on your existing photos or we can employ one of our photographers to co-create beautiful and eye-catching photos - the biggest selling points of your store.

Design and Development

Design and development

Design starts with selecting a theme and branding it to reflect unique personality of your company/product.

Development includes setting-up an account with Shopify, choosing and implementing e-commerce channels, consulting on legal pages, etc.

We will implement for you an e-commerce cart and payments methods and/or gateways.

We will create and populate primary pages; secondary pages and product pages.

You will have password-protected access to a development site to track the progress of your project.



We will guide you through review and testing of your new online store.

Upon your final approval, we will publish your website.

Don't worry - we won't leave you hanging - post-launch support and training are included (up to 4 hours).

Upon launching hour website we can consult you on the next steps to be taken to effectively market your new business.


Charlottesville, VA, USA


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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